Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alas, poor Horton... I knew him well.

So.... this post will pictorially examine the destruction and fury that is Travis, unfortunately unleashed on a single, innocent stuffed pachyderm. The following photos, though disturbing, show the aftermath of this Canine Force of Nature.

-picking up the pieces

-devastation by de-stuff-ulation, took no longer than seven minutes

-disembodied and scattered
(I totally did not fake this shot - the foot was by itself in the sun porch)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sentimental Saturday (for Gretchen)

So.... this post is for Gretchen and her request for another vintage photo. Please enjoy every element of this late 1970's photo.

I'm wearing cut off blue jeans and a Hulk t-shirt (very appropriate with the release of the newest Hulk movie). I'm playing with a Fisher-Price Playset (I think it came with squirrel puppets and a 45 record) and Star Wars figures - I see a Storm Trooper, HammerHead, and C3PO. You don't see C3PO? Look, in front of my foot, right there, on the Salt & Pepper Shag Carpet. My mom was (and is) very hip with design - her taste has changed a little in the last thirty years. She doesn't have that very cool black wet-look leather chair anymore (still very stylish), but she still has those oak dining chairs - covered with a different fabric. Actually we were laughing that the fabric I used to cover a kitchen chair and make my St. Patrick's Trousers is very similar to the original fabric on those chairs.

I think the neatest thing is that all of these elements are still stylish, cool, or at least desirable today: Star Wars, Super Heroes, Denim, Graphic T-shirts, Classic Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, even Shag Carpet to some degree (the new iteration is called frieze).

Hope you enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.

Leg in Shark's Mouth, Foot in My Mouth

So.... The newest addition to the Smilin' Doc line of trousers are a pair of patchwork plaid madras pants, handmade by yours truly. I've only worn them once in public... on vacation... where no one knew me. This picture is from the Bass Pro Shop in Destin. I'm not too sure why I'm holding my leg like that - maybe, I'd had too much Captain Morgan?

In other news, two weeks ago and last weekend I worked on the front yard. You may remember me cleaning out the planter beds in front of my house a few months ago. Well, I never got around to mulching it, so I had to go back through and weed the beds again. Then it was time to mulch. I had found some cypress mulch that I liked (and had used on the mailbox flower bed), but the only place I could get it was at Home Depot (45 minutes away). I ran up to HD to get some supplies, and I bought 120 pounds of topsoil and 15 bags of mulch (~ 30 cubic feet) which I loaded into the trunk and back seat of my 4 door sedan (I totally need a truck or SUV).

Well, I had to go back to Home Depot a few days later to buy another 15 bags of mulch, which I once again loaded into my sedan (the first load barely covered half of the planter beds). Actually, I still need another bag or two to be completely finished. This morning my neighbor lady (the one who I'm sure thought I was crazy at Halloween) even commented on how nice my yard was looking. I still have to make a planter bed around the trees for a shade garden.

I wanted something to spruce up the front porch. I wanted some ferns to put in these urns, but I ran to Wal-Mart and they didn't have any ferns. I was quickly pushing my buggy through the garden section when a lady that I sort of recognized said, "Hi, Dr. Ward."
I confidently replied, "Oh, hi there."
I thought she was the mother of a patient I had seen twice for a skin infection that week, and she explained that her son was doing better and she was looking for some colorful plants for the front of her house. I said I was looking for something for my front porch.
"Dr. Ward, would those plants work for you?"
"Oh, just a little too pink for my taste, and I'm not looking for hanging plants."
I then commented that the plants she had selected would brighten up the front of her house. "Oh, yes, we are putting our house on the market and it is being shown this next week."
I, quite knowledgeable on various topics, encouraged her, "Yeah, make sure the front of the house looks good - always have great curb appeal to make a good first impression - it's the best way to get a house sold."
As I turned to look at the palms, the lady turned to say, "Dr. Ward, I wanted to make sure you knew who I was..."
"You're so-and-so's mom, right?"
"Yes, my name is blah-blah and I'm a local realtor here in town."
With red cheeks and ears, I calmly expressed, "Oh, well you know all about curb appeal and how to sell a house. See you later." I then scurried to hide behind the palms and ficus.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joy!

So.... smile, Joy, it's your birthday!

We are so totally rockin' the 80's look!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Words of Encouragement

So.... sometimes the very simplest of encouraging words can mean a whole lot.

Sunday night, I hosted my church at my house. We had about 35 to 40 folks show up. I fed them jambalaya and red beans and rice (I so totally should have had a Mardi Gras Pardi this year), and they ate it all. For some reason, I woke up earlier than usual on Sunday, so I'm a crazy person making four pans of Rice Krispy Treats at 6:30 in the morning. The Rice Krispy Treats were pretty much gone too, and whatever was left of them was consumed by the girls at work on Monday.

After dining on cajun cuisine, we all gathered in the living room for a time of discussion (reiterating that morning's sermon). We finished the evening by breaking into small groups and praying for one another. My friend Neal (he and his wife Teresa led my small group this year) was in my small prayer group. Well, the discussion ran long, so in the middle of the praying, Neal and Theresa had to leave to go pick up their kids. I didn't realize they left until after "Amen."

When I went into the kitchen, the Nelsons had left me a "note" written on a coffee cup.

Neal & Teresa, thanks! I think you're cool, too!

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

So.... today is my older brother's birthday. 35 years old - gee, it doesn't sound as old as it used to. Hope you had a good one, Gabe (not that you read this blog). Here's a little vintage Olan Mills for your viewing pleasure.

We are so totally rockin' the tube socks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

PhotoShop Fun

So.... I thought I'd post just a little more craziness from the night of Putt-Putt.

What Rachel was "Doing"....

What Rachel was "Imagining"....

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

So.... when the fam went down to Destin a few weeks ago, we went to the movies one night. The theater had this awesome Hulk statue in the lobby, so we all "Hulked Out" for the camera (as several movie goers walked past us).

I probably wouldn't make a very good Hulk because I started to giggle whenever I flexed my 'guns.'

Tyler was actually pretty convincing. I just don't know if the Hulk would have worn a Razorback T-shirt.

Kaitlin looks likes she's been practicing posing for a women body builder's competition.

Hannah's throwing a TaiBo uppercut sucker punch!

While the rest of us Hulked Out, Tricia just caressed his abs (and appears to have really enjoyed doing so).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Putt Putt for the Fun of It

So.... I traveled to Murfreesboro for some friends' wedding. After Ricky and Erica (Mr. & Mrs. Crabtree) said "I do," we all met up later for some good ole fashioned fun at the Putt Putt course. We invited Ricky, but Erica wouldn't let him play mini-golf with us - like they had anything better to do... Here are a couple of pics (of putt putt - not Ricky and Erica).

Kung Fu Pediatrician

I guess we'll have to mini-golf since Joy is too short to ride the go-karts (either that or she has to go to the restroom).

Jackie, an avid arborist, uses his own technique to help support a growing tree.

Skee Ball anyone? Do you think we'll get enough tickets to get one of those awesome spider rings? Don't bust a gasket, John!

RachelBaby uses her desire to become a flight nurse to gingerly maneuver this helicopter to a safe landing.

Hey, Gang, thanks for the great weekend! I miss all of you!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Not so Macro Monday

So.... no macro photos today, but here is a shot from my phone.

Fun at the Destin Wal-Mart

So.... Kaitlin (my little sis) and I had a little fun last night with Ronald McDonald (well, his statue) at the Wal-Mart in Destin.

We had to go get some drinks, a new Florida magnet, a shell necklace, a new watch, sunscreen, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, a paperback, In Style, Vogue, Strawberry Margarita Mix, and various other sundries.

The last time I was at this Wal-Mart, the fun I had involved modeling a speedo.