Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sentimental Saturday (for Gretchen)

So.... this post is for Gretchen and her request for another vintage photo. Please enjoy every element of this late 1970's photo.

I'm wearing cut off blue jeans and a Hulk t-shirt (very appropriate with the release of the newest Hulk movie). I'm playing with a Fisher-Price Playset (I think it came with squirrel puppets and a 45 record) and Star Wars figures - I see a Storm Trooper, HammerHead, and C3PO. You don't see C3PO? Look, in front of my foot, right there, on the Salt & Pepper Shag Carpet. My mom was (and is) very hip with design - her taste has changed a little in the last thirty years. She doesn't have that very cool black wet-look leather chair anymore (still very stylish), but she still has those oak dining chairs - covered with a different fabric. Actually we were laughing that the fabric I used to cover a kitchen chair and make my St. Patrick's Trousers is very similar to the original fabric on those chairs.

I think the neatest thing is that all of these elements are still stylish, cool, or at least desirable today: Star Wars, Super Heroes, Denim, Graphic T-shirts, Classic Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, even Shag Carpet to some degree (the new iteration is called frieze).

Hope you enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.

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gretchen said...

i love the photo and commentary aaron! thank you!