Sunday, June 15, 2008

Putt Putt for the Fun of It

So.... I traveled to Murfreesboro for some friends' wedding. After Ricky and Erica (Mr. & Mrs. Crabtree) said "I do," we all met up later for some good ole fashioned fun at the Putt Putt course. We invited Ricky, but Erica wouldn't let him play mini-golf with us - like they had anything better to do... Here are a couple of pics (of putt putt - not Ricky and Erica).

Kung Fu Pediatrician

I guess we'll have to mini-golf since Joy is too short to ride the go-karts (either that or she has to go to the restroom).

Jackie, an avid arborist, uses his own technique to help support a growing tree.

Skee Ball anyone? Do you think we'll get enough tickets to get one of those awesome spider rings? Don't bust a gasket, John!

RachelBaby uses her desire to become a flight nurse to gingerly maneuver this helicopter to a safe landing.

Hey, Gang, thanks for the great weekend! I miss all of you!

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