Monday, June 16, 2008

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

So.... when the fam went down to Destin a few weeks ago, we went to the movies one night. The theater had this awesome Hulk statue in the lobby, so we all "Hulked Out" for the camera (as several movie goers walked past us).

I probably wouldn't make a very good Hulk because I started to giggle whenever I flexed my 'guns.'

Tyler was actually pretty convincing. I just don't know if the Hulk would have worn a Razorback T-shirt.

Kaitlin looks likes she's been practicing posing for a women body builder's competition.

Hannah's throwing a TaiBo uppercut sucker punch!

While the rest of us Hulked Out, Tricia just caressed his abs (and appears to have really enjoyed doing so).

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Rachel Baby said...

I'm with Tricia - I'd want to be caressing his abs, too! Haha!