Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leg in Shark's Mouth, Foot in My Mouth

So.... The newest addition to the Smilin' Doc line of trousers are a pair of patchwork plaid madras pants, handmade by yours truly. I've only worn them once in public... on vacation... where no one knew me. This picture is from the Bass Pro Shop in Destin. I'm not too sure why I'm holding my leg like that - maybe, I'd had too much Captain Morgan?

In other news, two weeks ago and last weekend I worked on the front yard. You may remember me cleaning out the planter beds in front of my house a few months ago. Well, I never got around to mulching it, so I had to go back through and weed the beds again. Then it was time to mulch. I had found some cypress mulch that I liked (and had used on the mailbox flower bed), but the only place I could get it was at Home Depot (45 minutes away). I ran up to HD to get some supplies, and I bought 120 pounds of topsoil and 15 bags of mulch (~ 30 cubic feet) which I loaded into the trunk and back seat of my 4 door sedan (I totally need a truck or SUV).

Well, I had to go back to Home Depot a few days later to buy another 15 bags of mulch, which I once again loaded into my sedan (the first load barely covered half of the planter beds). Actually, I still need another bag or two to be completely finished. This morning my neighbor lady (the one who I'm sure thought I was crazy at Halloween) even commented on how nice my yard was looking. I still have to make a planter bed around the trees for a shade garden.

I wanted something to spruce up the front porch. I wanted some ferns to put in these urns, but I ran to Wal-Mart and they didn't have any ferns. I was quickly pushing my buggy through the garden section when a lady that I sort of recognized said, "Hi, Dr. Ward."
I confidently replied, "Oh, hi there."
I thought she was the mother of a patient I had seen twice for a skin infection that week, and she explained that her son was doing better and she was looking for some colorful plants for the front of her house. I said I was looking for something for my front porch.
"Dr. Ward, would those plants work for you?"
"Oh, just a little too pink for my taste, and I'm not looking for hanging plants."
I then commented that the plants she had selected would brighten up the front of her house. "Oh, yes, we are putting our house on the market and it is being shown this next week."
I, quite knowledgeable on various topics, encouraged her, "Yeah, make sure the front of the house looks good - always have great curb appeal to make a good first impression - it's the best way to get a house sold."
As I turned to look at the palms, the lady turned to say, "Dr. Ward, I wanted to make sure you knew who I was..."
"You're so-and-so's mom, right?"
"Yes, my name is blah-blah and I'm a local realtor here in town."
With red cheeks and ears, I calmly expressed, "Oh, well you know all about curb appeal and how to sell a house. See you later." I then scurried to hide behind the palms and ficus.


Rachel Baby said...

Nice pants!

Great job with the yard!

Stephanie said...

By the way...Ouachita Nursery I think delivers mulch by the truck load. Just thought that might be easier for you next year:) We've done that before Eric had the jeep and it was quite funny to load down the sedans. Enjoying reading your blog!!!!