Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make your Bed

So.... I've lately been in the mood to get some yard work done. I recently posted about the day I spent cleaning out the flower beds in front of the house. Here is a picture (I so should have taken a before) of the house yesterday morning.

Yesterday afternoon's project was building a planting bed around the mailbox. My dad made my mailbox post and installed it for me last August, and it's stately elegance demanded more than the rocks and weeds that until yesterday surrounded it. Yesterday morning I went to the local tack/ranch/farm store, but they were too busy helping the pushy, mean, old biddies with their plants (and I didn't like their selection), so I headed out on the interstate, to the closest Home Depot and Lowe's. I picked out my pavers and my mulch at Home Depot, but Lowe's selection of plants was much better. After loading 120 pounds of topsoil, 50 pounds of brick pavers, 6 cubic feet of cypress mulch, and sundry and numerous annuals into my sedan, I returned home (after stopping at the Chik-fil-A drive thru).

Do you know how hard it is to shovel off the top 5-6 inches of weedy soil? Well, it's not easy. Moving said layer of muddy, weedy soil is no picnic either. Unfortunately, I don't have a wheel-barrow (yet- it's on the list), so I used one of those little bitty seed-spreader things to tote bricks and bags and dirt from the carport to the front yard to the back yard. Anyway, got the dirt up, then I laid down brick pavers, amended the soil, planted, mulched, watered, and cleaned everything up! It was a chore! Here are some after shots.

I still have to work (adjust the brick border, mulch) on the beds at the front of the house, which I cleaned out earlier in the week. The next major front yard project is building a large planting bed around those three trees in the front yard (pictured below). I want it to be a shade garden with hostas and ferns.

Here's a tip. If you lay your bricks into the ground and have them even with the soil of the yard, you can run the mower right over them without having to weedeat around that planter bed.


MJ said...

Lowes does supposedly have better quality plants. At least that's what we were supposed to tell people.

Ali b said...

lookin good!!!

Rachel Baby said...

Awh, it looks so good!