Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Under the Table

So.... has someone you loved ever looked at you with one of those faces that said, "Please, build me a table under which my crate will fit?"

That may not be exactly how it happened - actually, I recently got a few pieces of furniture for my bedroom and wanted something to disguise the crate (at least a little bit). So.... I cannibalized an old coffee table and an old end table to make a new one.

The bedroom may not be the best place to work on this new construction...

Outside obviously is a more appropriate place for power tools. Check out my awesome Ryobi cordless power drill and freaking awesome Ryobi Circular Saw (thanks, Dad). I'm glad you ladies weren't there, or you all would have mobbed me, possessed by my brute strength and sweaty t-shirt.

One of the more fun parts was distressing the table (hitting it and scratching it up with a hammer).

Not a fan of that lighter wood tone (which wouldn't blend with the "Exotic Fusion Look" I was going for), I decided to paint the new crate table. First Berry Red spray paint (the Valspar Spray paint has a much nicer and wider push button - I highly recommend it) and then a streak or two of gold. I then followed up with a light smattering of Satin Black; it really didn't turn out like I expected, but I started getting a wood tone/grain effect, so I went with it.

The distressing just looks like scratches in the pic. It gives a lot more character in person.

The table in place. It looks pretty good and serves it's purpose well enough. Of course, as soon as I finished the table, Travis found a better spot to hang out.

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Melinda_J said...

I love a man who can use power tools...

That table looks AWESOME!!! I love the way the top of it turned out =0)