Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Down with Penguins

So.... I saw this icon today on a warning label and thought it was pretty funny. What could it mean? "Down with Penguins." "No Happy Feet Allowed." "Just Say No to Formality."

I'm opening a contest. I will accept submissions (via comments) for the next week. Prizes will be awarded for two categories: "Most creative slogan to accompany this icon" and "Slogan most closely approximating the actual warning." Enter as many times as you like. The full warning label and the winners will be posted next Wednesday, May 7. Good luck!

Winners will be selected by a committee of one, namely me, acting as judge, jury, and if need be executioner. All entries become the property of PursuingPineapple, a Division of Dancing Dog Enterprises.


gmom said...

Let's see...
"Do not invite me to any black tie events"
"No strutting like a penguin allowed"
"No tuxedos if you are shaped like an egg and have a long nose"

I am hoping to win your contest as I am doubting my chances at winning hgtv's green home give away and ballard designs dream home makeover giveaway this month!:)

joannaketcham said...

I would say literally it means this is not a black tie event. I'll have to give some thought to the funny side.

jm - ml said...

The FitzWilliams submissions:

MLW - "Warning: Penguins in tuxedos are meaner than they appear!"

JMF - Warning: Do Not Freeze