Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

So.... today is my older brother's birthday. 35 years old - gee, it doesn't sound as old as it used to. Hope you had a good one, Gabe (not that you read this blog). Here's a little vintage Olan Mills for your viewing pleasure.

We are so totally rockin' the tube socks!


brooklyncs said...

The tube socks? I totally noticed the shorts before I noticed the tube socks. Both together just happen to be a bit on the amazing side. I think you should bring it back.

MJ said...

Was Olan Mills everywhere? I used to think they were Chicago subarb specific...

Love the tube socks... they're amazing!

oh, and I don't know you, but Happy Birthday Gabe!

Ali b said...

What a cute little picture!

Rachel Baby said...

Great picture!

I came across some pictures this weekend - and I had on the same style of short - but they where pink with white trim. My brother's were white with blue. And he was wearing the tube socks!

Good times!

gretchen said...

i love the photo. you are so cute:) i think you should do a series of posts (like macro monday) of photos of you from childhood...sentimental saturday???