Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Picture a New Fixture

So.... the dining room had an old chandelier for which I did not particularly care. The following is an abbreviated and probably not too helpful photo demonstration. Go to the breakerbox and throw the breaker to the fixture to be changed. If your breaker is labeled "dinning room" as was mine, feel free to update the spelling. Unscrew a bunch of stuff and pull down the old gold chandelier which has shades that the former owner painted to match the kitchen's blue wallpaper (which was removed ~6 months ago). This chandelier can be thrown onto a pile of trash in the sun room or taken to your nurse who wants to spray paint it and put it in her daughter's room.

Next, realize that the instructions that come with your new light fixture are somewhat inadequate. Also note that you may need a red pen to mark through the steps you have already completed.

Follow the instructions closely and you will have to do things which are physically impossible for one person (who is not a master electrician). The photo show wires hanging from the fixture. The instructions state to feed those wires through some tiny pipes and holes while it is hanging from the ceiling - this is very difficult to do. I took the fixture down and fed the wires through - which was easier, but I was afraid that I'd lose points for style. However, twice on HGTV have I seen them do the exact same thing since I changed this fixture (where they are spinning the whole chandelier around).

After getting everything connected, slide the frosted globes in place. Please note that changing chandeliers is much easier to do in rooms that are only half painted. Don't worry I wasn't planning on leaving that blue next to that green.

Screw in the bulbs, reset the breaker to the "dinning room," and flip the switch - 550 WATTS OF BRILLIANT BLINDING LIGHT. Enjoy what could be compared to the corona of the sun.

I really am going to have to change the bulbs. I was working at the dining room table a few days later, and I started to sweat before I realized the air conditioner was no match for my new chandelier.


Ali b said...

Wow those are some bright bulbs!!!
I love the new chandelier and the new green color on the wall. It is looking great. Can't wait to see everything when it is finished.

jm - ml said...

Love the new chandelier and can't wait to see pics of the new kitchen and lounge!
Misty Leigh

Melinda_J said...

I'm really going to miss the hand painted fixture. I thought the former owner did such lovely work!