Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cord Cozy

So.... you've mounted your wicked awesome flat screen tv in your lounge, but, uggh, those cords hanging down are so unappealing, and you're currently dogmatically opposed to making more holes in the wall, through which to snake those cords. What's a house rehabber to do?

Make a Cord Cozy; er, I mean a Cord Cover (after all, I used power tools - it's not like I knitted something).

Retrieve your handy-dandy Dremel Tool (actually mine is a Craftsman Rotary Tool). If your laundry room doubles as your workshop/tool bench, make sure you test out all manner of paint on the walls. Oh, and be sure to wear eye protection - I'm sure I look a little funny, but probably not as funny as I would if I had a Craftsman Rotary Tool sticking out of my eye (which might have happened since I did scratch my chin once when I had it turned on).

Obtain a length of PVC Pipe which will reach from said wicked awesome flat screen tv to the floor. Choose an appropriate diameter of PVC - with my four cords (power, cable, S-video, and audio) I used a 1 inch PVC. Check one end while your assistant checks the other.

Use your Craftsman Rotary Tool to zip a channel out of the PVC pipe. It really didn't zip - it was more like slow, methodical repetitiveness which causes many of the cutting disks to break (be glad you're wearing the safety glasses - you really need them when the cutting disks shatter through the air). Be sure your assistant doesn't eat the scattered shards of rotary cuttings disks or PVC dust.

Then use your really cool cordless drill (see, if the tv was cordless I wouldn't have to make this cozy, uh, cover) and create a little channel into which a screw can slide.

Make sure the head of the screw won't slip through the little channel.

Paint the "channeled" PVC pipe the color of the wall in your lounge. I'm using Sherwin-Williams Great Green.

Affix screws to the wall, I used those anchors to provide more stability. (I'll paint them after getting the cover into place). Slip your cords into the big channel, and then line the screws up with the little channel, and...

Voila! Wicked Awesome Flat Screen TV with a Wicked Awesome Cord Cozy, uh, Cover.

I know - more teasing; I'll show you some pics of the completed kitchen soon. Oh, the next time I get out the oil based trim paint, I'll make a little stripe on the Cord Cover where it crosses the chair rail. If you're wondering why I channeled out that PVC pipe, the reason is: I channeled out that length of 1-inch PVC because to snake all the cords/plugs through an intact piece of PVC I would have needed 1-1/2 inch diameter PVC, which looked huge hanging off the wall. The smaller diameter cord cozy was more aesthetically pleasing.

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What a great idea!!!