Sunday, October 28, 2007

Forcing Bulbs, Revisited

So.... you've already read it, but I made you this awesome post about forcing bulbs, and I mentioned that you should go ahead and start them now so that they will bloom for Christmas. Well, if you're cleaning out some stuff you just threw in your closet a couple of weeks ago, and you happen to notice that there are two more bulb kits that you forgot about, go ahead and wait to start them a week to 2 weeks after you start the first set, that way you'll have blooms throughout the New Year Holiday as well.

Also, I hosted my small group from church (called a K-Group) in my house tonight. We had three new couples that came tonight (that I had really never met). Anyway, a couple of the women were saying how much they like the kitchen and that it was such a change from how the former owner had it. It was just really creepy to know those people that I didn't know had been in my house before; I know it wasn't my house then (but it was still kind of creepy).

You want to see pics of the kitchen, don't you?

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