Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So.... most of you know that my house is currently undergoing rehab. I'm essentially finished with the kitchen/lounge. The ceiling fan in "The Lounge," previously known as the breakfast nook, was possibly fifteen years old. It was dirty. It was yellowing. It wobbled. It had light sockets that didn't work. It had to be destroyed.

Destruction is simple. After turning off the breaker to "The Lounge," unscrew every possible screw. Then throw your old, dirty, yellowing, wobbling, un-luminescent ceiling fan on a pile of trash in the sun room.

Now install a beautiful, new fan, appropriate for the size of your room. The Lounge now has a 44 inch, brushed nickel 5 blade fan with 3 alabaster globes purchased on sale at Lowes (let's build something together). Then switch the breaker back on. Fan-tastic!

Also, be sure you purchase the right type of bulbs for your new fabulous fan the first time, or you will have to go to Wal-Mart again for the third time that day. You so totally want to see pictures of the completed kitchen, don't you?


Melinda_J said...

I do want to see pictures of the completed kitchen! I really really do!!

Ali b said...

Hey I think that is the same fan that I have in my living room!! I love it! Talk to you later.