Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Travis!!!

So.... my good old #1 canine best friend turned 4 years old yesterday. Travis is such a good dog! RachelBaby was visiting last weekend, so we invited Donnie and Lori over for a birthday party.

We sang Happy Birthday, but Travis wouldn't blow out his candles.

Travis was way more interested in the Frosty Paws, frozen dog treats, that I, the crazy person that I am, bought for him (and tasted - kinda like wheat).

Travis devoured his ice cream. When he was done, he picked up the cup and carried it out of the kitchen. I almost fell on the floor because I thought he was taking it to the trash, but he turned into my room and hid the cup under my bed.

Then came time for fun with noise makers...

Rachel and Aaron

Donnie and Lori

Travis really liked the noise makers!

So, how many whistles can you put in your mouth?

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