Monday, July 7, 2008

By Special Request... Chagall Chicken Boobs

So.... if you look at the post from earlier today, Pursuing Pineapple celebrates the birth of Marc Chagall, my favorite artist. MJ, one of the blog's avid readers (I need to think of a name for you guys, like pineapple playmates... that's it!) - so, MJ, one of our Pineapple Playmates, tipped me off to the fact that it is Chagall's birthday today (Google's masthead is even Chagall-esque). I posted really quickly, but she commented that she would have preferred a different picture. I actually own the following two lithographs, which are wonderfully matted and framed and hang with two other Chagall lithographs in my dining room.

These are both from a book that document Chagall's work with The Met in NYC. Yeah, birds with boobs - that's my design aesthetic. Interestingly enough, last night I was having dinner with RachelBaby and Donnie and Lori, and we started joking about how I had my church over to my house the other night, and we're sure some eyes glazed and mouths dropped agape after viewing the art in my house: two sets of chicken boobs in the dining room, purple lady boobs in the hall, pink and blue lady boobs in the bathroom (fortunately, childcare was provided at the church that night). I mean come on, it's not that bad, at least there's an etching of Zaccheus in the Sycamore (actual title: Zacheus op de Vygeboom) in the entry hall. One time my mom commented on the picture with boobs in the bathroom, and I quipped, "at least they're naked women and not naked men."

Yes, I realize the pics don't show the wonderful matting and framing.


Amber said...

You know, funny you should post this. I remember at a K-Group meeting at your house one night people commenting on your interesting selection of artwork. Especially the dining room art!! Truly lovely!!

BTW...thanks for fixing us up at the clinic this morn. Appreciate is so much! You are referred to fondly as the "funny doctor" around our house.

MJ said...

Whenever you, Donnie and Lori start your store... when you start creating your own t-shirts. You need to have one that says "I am a Pineapple Playmate"

Just a thought...

Thanks for the Chicken Boobs picture! It seems to define Chagall in my mind...

Oh, you should also have Chagall Chicken Boobs shirts!