Sunday, December 16, 2007

In the Third Blog of Christmas...

So.... in the third blog of Christmas, your blogger gives to you a look at a Christmas tree. I have two big Christmas trees; one has meaningful and sentimental decorations and the other one is decorated with a theme. Though I think both are very pretty, my "theme tree" is my show stopper!

The theme... ah, gold? Yes, and reindeer! This a 9 ft artificial blue spruce with 1200 lights (not pre-lit) and over 300 ornaments. I actually used fewer ornaments this year (in this house the tree sits in a corner). It all began with the large reindeer ornaments I bought on sale after Christmas a few years ago. Then I found a sleigh (which I spray painted gold).

The large reindeer ornaments measure approximately 12in x 10in.

The eight large reindeer course through the tree, drawing Santa's sleigh.

A smaller Rudolph (I painted his nose red) leads the team of reindeer up through the tree to pick up Santa at the top. This Santa is the first Mark Roberts Christmas Fairy I bought.

The tree has glass (and plastic) balls of all sizes; bells; stars; cones; shiny, brass, glittery and tiny reindeer ornaments (see the shopping showdown discussion in the June 27th blog entry); dangling things; twisty things; wiry things; leaves; berries; and a boat load of ting-ting!

Hopefully this pic helps to show how you get 300+ ornaments on a tree - just as in fashion, the key is layering! Decorate all the way down to the trunk!


Melinda_J said...

Has Ricky seen this blog yet? He was giving Ali a hard time about her layered ornaments on her tree...

I always loved the reindeer tree, and it still looks fabulous!!

Rachel Baby said...

Beautiful tree, Aaron! :)