Saturday, December 22, 2007

In the Ninth Blog of Christmas...

So.... in the ninth blog of Christmas, your blogger gives to you a doodle of a goat (not exactly Christmas Future, huh, well, at least I hope not).

So, this a a 23 second doodle I did for my nurse Lorie a few days ago. Her daughter "shows goats." Showing of livestock is way big and way cool down here in Southwest Arkansas. Lorie's daughter, Haley, bought a goat (through the FFA program) and named her Barbie Pearl. To "show a goat" one must apparently cloth themselves in western gear, clean, trim, and lead the goat around an arena at one of several local, county, or regional fairs. Actually, Haley and Barbie Pearl did well.

What does this have to do with Christmas? Well, I just recently bought a new piece for my Fontanini Nativity Scene - a goat. All of the Fontanini figures come with a little story (even the goat), but sometimes I don't like their story, so I've decided to start making up my own narrative for each of the figures (the goat shall now be called Marvin).

Anyway, if you've heard me discuss goats before, you're sure to have heard of my fear of The GoatMan. The GoatMan is a legendary boogy-man of sorts that lives in Maryland. I saw a special on the History or Discovery Channel about regional boogey-men a few years ago, and the story of the GoatMan kind of weirded me out - almost as bad as when I hear, see, or read something about the Fouke Monster (the local booger-bear near where I grew up). I had forgotten about the GoatMan until I was visiting my friends in Maryland, and as we were driving to Annapolis, I read aloud from a book about that state. It discussed the GoatMan, and as I read about him, we actually passed the stretch of road (including the exact cross streets) where the GoatMan had been sighted. Fortunately, we made it to Annapolis without any cloven-hoofed interference. Even the Naval Academy respects the GoatMan!

Since I was blogging about my nativity set (sort of) I also wanted to include this picture of Lydia, a figure given to me as I moved away from Murfreesboro (thanks John).

She was given to me in honor of the time I accidentally taught the same Sunday School Lesson (about Lydia) as was taught the week before by someone else.


Rachel Baby said...

And the sad thing is, I didn't get to hear either one of them! :)

Merry Christmas, Aaron!

Melinda_J said...

That's too bad for Rachel baby... I got to hear both =0)

Jaden's mom and dad said...

I love that you made up your own story about the goat... and changed his name. It reminds me of the only Christmas that Joie, Lynne, Ashley, and I lived together and Lynne has this family tradition of picking a piece from her nativity set (unsure if it is Fontanini) and we all had to rename and come up with a story for the piece we chose. I was horrible, but Joie and Lynne's stories were to be ever engraved in my brain. Awe, thanks for the memory!