Thursday, December 20, 2007

In the Seventh Blog of Christmas...

So.... in the seventh blog of Christmas, your blogger gives to you a picture of Christmas Past.

This a a photo from a couple of years ago - it is obviously of 2208 Alexander, in Tennessee, my first house. I really do miss that house. Sometimes I think I'd like to build a new house and pattern it on this one (not that I have any current plans), but there are a lot of things I would do differently. I would want the stairs to face the front door (adding drama), and the treads would be hardwood - no carpet. The upstairs bath would be larger. I would adjust how the breakfast nook was arranged because it actually was separated from the kitchen. I would probably eliminate all the wall-to-wall carpeting. There would also be a fence, and a pool, and a carriage house, and a butler's pantry, and French doors, and some established trees - maybe I won't pattern my next house on this one after all.... Thanks for enduring my nostalgia (and neuroses).


Ali b said...

This is a good picture of your old house! I like the moon in the very top of the picture! Cool shot!

Rachel Baby said...

i really do miss you living in this house!