Monday, March 31, 2008

Macro Monday #1

So.... tonight I went a little crazy with the Macro setting on my Point & Click camera. I actually just meant to take a quick picture for a post (while I was straightening up the sun porch so I could start Power 90ing my way to a slimmer me), when I thought, "hey, I wonder how close I can get and keep it in focus." Several successful and failed attempts later, I had made it through most of my house, taking close up photos of anything with an interesting texture. My thought was to use these photos either as a changing desktop for my computer or as a screensaver, but then, Eureka, it hit me - this will be the start of a recurring feature on Pursuing Pineapple (also it will give me something easy to post, so that I'll be more likely to stick with it). So the inaugural Macro Monday Pic:

This is a close up (click on the pic to get closer) of the puff ball trim on a red tea towel, that I usually use as a place mat. Coincidentally, the tea towel has a pineapple embroidered on it.


Ali b said...

Is this with the new camera you got in FL last year??

Aaron said...

Yeah, the one I got in Destin.

Ali b said...

Cool, I went to my first camera class last night!! It was so much fun!!