Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photo Op

So.... on Rachel's last visit, we conned our friends Lori and Donnie into taking Un-Official Engagement Photos of us. Being the wonderful friends that they are, they happily agreed. We scoured all of Arkadelphia to find the perfect locations. No, the trash container wasn't the perfect location - just an homage to my family (owning/ having owned trash companies).

We started off at Feaster Trail. It was just a little too early in the season to get much in the way of Autumn color, but the pictures looked great. The setting is so good that it almost looks like an Olan Mills background was rolled down behind us.

We eventually made our way downtown to get some "urban" shots (the alley behind the Beehive is as urban as it gets here). We actually got a great picture (not shown) that we'll probably use as a Save The Date Card (which Lori is designing for us).

The old church/dry cleaners at Caddo and 7th made a great location. Donnie has this great little Polaroid camera that does these neat panoramic shots.

Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

This photo, probably one of my favorites, was taken in the wooded area between our clinic and the hospital.

Thanks for enduring my obvious narcissism, but they're really good pictures! Donnie and Lori do a great job; of course, with subjects like Rachel and me, how could you go wrong?


Amber said...

I still really like the dumpster pictures....something about them leaves the door wide open for all kinds of "trashy" jokes.

MJ said...

I love the panoramic shots Donnie took! They're awesome!

Becky said...

great pictures... those with the church are very cool!

Lori said...

we did have some great subjects...you guys are just too cute together!