Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

So.... we had a little fun on Halloween this year. No maniacal pumpkin killers like last year, but I still gave out full size candy bars. We had about 170 trick-or-treaters - that's approaching my Tennessee Halloweens.

Rachel spent the weekend in Arkadelphia with me. We won't be able to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas together this year, but we weren't missing a Halloween together for anything. We dressed as Fred and Wilma. One kid said, "you're either a caveman or Fred the Flintstone." My sister's boyfriend thought my wig made me look like Clay Aiken, and I agree that the wig looks flat-ironed (but nowhere near Aiken standards).

Travis also dressed up. He was Dino, but only for about 3 minutes, despite the frantic effort that Rachel and I gave to get it ready that afternoon.

Not too shabby of a dog costume for 1.5 hours (with no prior planning or pattern).

Part of the fun with dressing up is having trick-or-treaters recognize you (or wonder who you are because they can't quite place you). I gave an enthusiastic "Hey!" to one Dad, and he had quite a puzzled look on his face until he realized I was his daughter's pediatrician. I was asking one "tween" what her costume was, and her intrigued but repulsed reply was, "You're my doctor!" Our favorite quote of the evening was from an 11 year old boy (with a group of his friends) who stated quite loudly, "Hey, you're the doctor that figured out I had constipation!"

Since Rachel was in town, we celebrated by having an informal party (costumes were of course required). Donnie made his pumpkin head costume from scratch; it was an amazing piece of wearable sculpture. Lori made a wave pattern skirt and came as Leanne Marshall, winner of Project Runway Season 5.

Rachel S. came as Sarah Palin.

My sister Kaitlin and her boyfriend Matt wore camouflage and came as "Upper and Lower GI."

My mom teased out her hair, wore big jewelry, and carried around boxes of butter. You guessed it... Paula Deen.

Rachel even tried on Donnie's pumpkin head.

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