Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pursuing Pineapple... Electable?

So.... as I'm sure many of you did this evening, I watched the Vice Presidential Debate (Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden). I am fairly sure that I would not make a very electable politician because when confronted with a question or comment which I felt strongly about, I would be more likely to say what I truly believe as opposed to saying what sounds good to "Main Street America."

When asked who was to blame for the problems with the economy/mortgage debacle, Palin enthusiastically attacked the predatory lenders (who are to blame), but I would have also added (getting on my high horse, likely only to face the same fate as Eight Belles) that those borrowers who knowingly and willingly did their best to take advantage of the situation to buy a house that was significantly out of their means of ownership are also to blame. I hate when anyone goes through tragedy, and I wouldn't wish the situation of losing a home on anyone, but those people who intentionally borrowed more money than they could afford or borrowed more on a house than it was worth must face the consequences of their actions.

Biden at one point in the debate stated that he and his ticket mate supported legislation that allowed bankruptcy judges to not only rewrite the terms of someone's mortgage (the interest rate) but also to rewrite the amount of principal owed. At that point in the debate, I would have inappropriately (or appropriately) shouted, "Oh, hell no!" and furrowed my brow disapprovingly. Why does the person who made a bad financial decision get a free pass? I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else, smarter than anyone else, or have a better sense of style than any one else. I'm no financial sophisticate, but I bought a house I can afford, drive a dented, payed-for car, rarely pay full price for clothes (or shoes), and buy the cheapest dog treats available. Why should I not be rewarded? Judges should not be able to "rewrite" the principal owed on a home! If you borrowed the money, you need to repay it! I can't go back to Kohl's tomorrow and tell them that I'm going to change the amount that I payed for the jeans that I bought earlier today (which were on sale - yeah, I know, everything's on sale at Kohl's every other week).

Citizens, we have a responsibility to make responsible decisions! We must be disciplined in our budgeting, saving, and spending! We should not buy things we cannot afford! Before agreeing to a contract, we should read the fine print (the title company people are surprised that I've read the documents I've signed at my house closings - that's ridiculous)! We should not borrow money (or print money, you listening to me Washington) without considering the cost!

Thanks for enduring my rantings. Usually my diatribes deal with uncontrollable giggling, forsaken yard work, or mean old women in Wal-Mart, so I felt I was allowed this one focusing on something of substance. Please understand I am compassionate; please know that I genuinely feel for those honest people who have been taken advantage of and those hard-working people who have fallen on hard times.

So, though I feel I would probably do a good job if elected (not that I have any intentions or aspirations), I doubt I would be elected because I'm likely to (too quickly) speak my mind and say things people don't want to hear. No matter, I'm sure at the nano-second that I had my above mentioned outburst, Dr. James Dobson would call for a boycott against me, and my credibility with the "religious right" would be gone, but "Joe Six-Pack" might like me a little more, and I'm sure my siblings would have enjoyed hearing me cus on national television.


buscher3 said...

Totally understand...which is why I nor my husband watched the debate last night. Too much pointing of fingers and not enough getting to the root of the cause of economic strife and then taking that knowledge and doing something practical with it. What gets me is the fact that as a family we're living on one salary since I stay home, and are living tightly on appropriate cutbacks, but living comfortably...not month to month by any means. Then we hear people on two incomes with double or even triple our income who are "struggling". I don't get it. I get too heated watching debates about the declining economy and the blame game that naturally follows.

Our Family said...

amen!! i might not be mr joe six-pack, but i'm in complete agreement. even with the !*@! no!

Lisa said...

Right on!!

If we stop making our mortgage payments right now can we get bailed out too?!

Amber said...

I'd vote for you! And I think your first proposal should be that all Americans should own at least one pair of seersucker pants!

Stephanie said...

You get an AMEN from me and I'm with Amber...I'd vote for you too. So that's at least 4 votes...I'm assuming that Rachel would vote for you and you would vote for yourself. :)

I can't wait to here what you have to say about the debate tonight!