Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dancing Dog Art Shop

So.... this past spring I went a little crazy with eBay. I won a few auctions for some art and art books that I wanted; then I started buying more because I decided I could start selling them myself on eBay. I've obviously been involved in too many projects because only today did I finally post some items for sale. I honestly was a little overwhelmed with the process for listing something to sell (I think I was just too worried that I might mess up). I'm sure that for some of you eBay is old hat, but I'm still new to selling, and I was very excited to see that three of my auctions already had people "watching" them!

The original plan for Dancing Dog Art Shop was to purchase original lithographs, have them custom framed, and sell them in a retail store (probably one of the many stores - clothing, art, bakery, bed & breakfast, books - that I've planned on opening); eBay seemed a lot easier. So, I amassed a small collection of mid century art prints and lithographs, established an eBay "seller" identity (dancingdogartshop), had stationery printed, opened a free checking account at my bank, authenticated my PayPal, and waited until I was bored enough or desperate enough for extra cash (Do I hear wedding bells?) to start selling. Well, today was the day!

I spent almost three hours just going through a couple of the books and folios that I have, to pick out just a dozen pieces to sell. I would have had more items, but first I went through and culled out the pieces that I wanted. This 1948 Matisse print was saved from the auction block as I was typing up the listing - something about the blue striped wall and the red on the shutters wouldn't let me part with it. Now that's atypical - not an exposed chicken boob in sight!

I spent another three hours typing the listings into eBay. Don't worry; by the end of the day, I had gotten the hang of it.

Oh, and Travis, the Dancing Dog, he kept busy too, supervising from his position on the sofa, the bed, or the floor.

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MJ said...

I love that Matisse print!! PLEASE don't get rid of/sell it without giving me prior opportunity!