Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trousers Take Two

So.... most of you saw my St. Patrick's Day post about my hideously wonderful green and yellow chenille pants. Well, I tried something a little more sophisticated this time around - I made a pair of dress pants (dress pant material with a slightly more casual cut). The picture doesn't show a lot of detail, but they turned out ok. If you get up close you can see how bad the tailoring is, but I'm pleased with these trousers (pretty good for a second try).

The material is this nice charcoal glen-plaid. I think it was almost as hard to sew as the upholstery fabric for different reasons. It is thin and a little stretchy - the green material was super thick and frayed like crazy.

The contrast fabric for the pockets and the seam banding on the inside is pretty cool - skull and crossbones!

I think I got more compliments on my shoes than the pants (I wore them to work on Friday). They are so uncomfortable - absolutely no support for my Barney Rubble Feet. At least they helped to make that quasi urban skater look I think I was going for.

Be patient. Today I cut out the pieces for my pair of plaid madras pants.


Rachel Baby said...

Lookin' sharp!

brooklyncs said...

Amazing and quite impressive.