Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Icon Contest

So.... the penguin icon actually came from a warning sticker on a styrofoam packing box full of vaccines. It warns to refrigerate - not freeze. I think one of my favorite things is the way his right foot is slightly cocked up, like he's tapping his toe.

Some participants in the contest will receive a prize - be watching your mailboxes or front steps.

GMom provided three creative entries:
"Do not invite me to any black tie events"
"No strutting like a penguin allowed"
"No tuxedos if you are shaped like an egg and have a long nose"

Joie offered a guess at an actual meaning:
"Not a black tie event."

Misty Leigh suggested a creative slogan:
"Warning: Penguins in tuxedos are meaner than they appear!"

Marty's entry most closely approximated the actual warning:
"Warning: Do Not Freeze"

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for all who participated.

1 comment:

MJ said...

I'm sorry I didn't come up with anything... I haven't been feeling particularly clever lately =0/