Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Last Hurrah for Halloween!

So.... I mentioned that we went to Wisconsin last month for a friend's wedding. We had a very nice time, and Madison is a very neat city. That Friday night, after the rehearsal dinner, we (Becky, Marty, Misty Leigh, and I) went back to the hotel and just hung out. Well, after a little while we decided we wanted snacks. Misty Leigh requested Crunch n Munch as she fell asleep on my bed (we had adjoining rooms - it was very exciting). Becky, Marty, and I take off in our rented silver Dodge Magnum across Madison, Wisconsin, at 11:45 pm. The only Walgreens open that late (not quite sure why we insisted on going to Walgreens) was about 15 minutes away. Marty said that this late night Walgreens reminded him of Asher in Little Rock (Murfreesboro friends, think January Street); it really wasn't that bad. On the ride over, I said that we should get Halloween masks and scare Misty Leigh, and that's just what we did (sort of).

Becky got this shot of Dracula and Frankenstein driving the awesome Dodge Magnum. Marty wearing the glasses on the outside of the mask had a very eerie effect.

Misty Leigh more than being scared just laughed uncontrollably.

I indulge my Funyun obsession (while wearing a witch's hat).

A ghoulish group photo.

Marty, Misty Leigh, and I pose with Bucky the Badger. There was a University of Wisconsin home game that weekend.

Another ghoulish group photo - not really. We are at the Madison convention center which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Melinda_J said...

That's amazing!! haha... I definately LOL'd =0)

Ali b said...

Wow looks like you all had a fun weekend!! Love the group picture of you all in the masks.