Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Furniture

So.... In September I decided that I wanted new furniture for my living room. I realized that I needed to clean out the sun porch (it was/still is chock full of boxes, paper, trash, totes, and stuff); I wanted to use the leather sofa and wingback chairs that were in the living room in the sun porch. Well, six weeks later, the new furniture finally arrived - something about the chair being a special order (not explained to me at the time of purchase) and only delivering to Arkadelphia on Thursdays (so I had to swap days off). The last two nights I worked shuffling things in the sun porch around, so I could move my old furniture down there. I finally got the living room cleared out and ready.

The furniture looks great. Fortunately, the sofa wasn't as big as I was afraid it was going to be. Unfortunately, the sofa was way bigger than the two feather-weight delivery men assumed it was, and after only a few tense moments on the front porch, they safely placed it in the living room.

The awesome zebra chair and the wonderful leather recliner fit just perfectly. I've never owned a recliner, but I've already decided that I totally need a much bigger tv for this room. I also need a different coffee and side table.

This room is going to look so good after I get some new paint (imagine khaki) on the walls and get the trim finished.

Travis loves the zebra chair.


Ali b said...

Wow I love the new furniture!!! Looks great in there.


Rachel Baby said...

I love the zebra chair! The Dancing Dog is coming along very nicely!