Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Seersucker Suave

So.... I think I mentioned that I had acquired a new piece of clothing for my wardrobe prior to leaving for Central America - a Seersucker Suit! My shopping friend Becky and I were at Kohl's, and I found a seersucker suit on sale (80% off). Of course it really doesn't fit (especially the pants), but I thought maybe that might inspire me to get back on my fitness program. Of course, adding nightly ice cream to the fitness program may be better inspiration (though, that program probably won't help me fit in the seersucker pants). Anyway, the other reason I bought it was that Becky and I thought that Misty and Marty would appreciate the humor of meeting us in the ATL airport and finding me wearing a seersucker jacket. We didn't get a picture of their expressions, but it was worth buying the outfit.
I realize that I posted this after Labor Day, but I wouldn't dare wear seersucker out of season; wrong size maybe, but never wrong season.


Melinda_J said...

Well hellloooo Don Johnson!! You look like you're trying out for a Miami Vice revival!!

Aaron said...

The pic makes it looks a lot more Miami Vice than it really is. My sleeves are not rolled up!

Melinda_J said...

Are you sure they're not rolled up, Don?? Because they certainly look like they are??