Monday, July 2, 2007

Made in Philippines

So.... I'm really sure this isn't worth an entry, but I was somewhat bemused with a recent purchase. I had gone to Pottery Barn last week, looking for a bedspread that was on sale. The Perky Pottery Barn Lady apologized for not having that item after I explained I drove an hour to come to Pottery Barn. By the way, they usually aren't perky - mostly snobbish and uppity - come on, you're working at Pottery Barn. Maybe if you sold pottery or barns I may let you get away with uppity, but never snobbish... Anyway, she relayed that most of their linens are only available online and said that I could return the item to the store instead of online if I didn't like it - maybe she knew something about that bedspread I didn't.

I continued to browse, looking at very expensive mirrors, uncomfortable couches, and lots of other things I need. My shopping-friend, Becky, didn't stop me from making any impulse purchases, so I blame her for the Small Bosphoros Bowl full of Tiger Cowry Vase Filler Shells that now adorn my coffee table. As I was arranging the shells in the bowl, I noticed one of them had a sticker on it: Made In Philippines. I was a little perplexed, bemused if you will: was this shell really made, or was it harvested, grown, or found - it was just a weird sticker to find on a sea shell.

I also found a very nice barn at the store across the street, Shellery Bowl.

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