Friday, June 22, 2007

Jack Russell Terrier Time-Out

So.... I lived in an extended stay hotel for about three weeks after I sold my house in Tennessee (I loved that house). Travis, #1 Canine Sidekick, was obviously out of his element in the Crestwood Suites (so was I, but I didn't let him know that). We had to stay on the third floor in a smoking room; no, not because Travis smokes (he quit a year ago), but, more discriminatorily, because he is a dog - why doesn't the ACLU take on important issues of canine prejudice.

Anyway, at some point, he realized that I kept food on top of the fridge. He assumed his treats were up there, so he started doing his stand-up-please-please-please-beg-dance for the top of the fridge. I finally gave in, picked him up, and let him sniff the top of the fridge. After I put him down he started again with the stand-up-please-please-please-beg-dance. So, I again let him sniff the top of the fridge. After setting him down, he started with the dance again.

So what's an owner to do? I sat him on top of the fridge...

Don't worry - I only left him up there long enough to take the photo. Maybe those fancy dog trainers should consider using the fridge technique for time-out. I certainly didn't learn it at those 2 months of puppy school at PetSmart. Of course, my question about canine time-out is do you leave him up there a minute for each year old he is or do you leave him up there seven minutes for each year old he is?

By the way, after I got him down from the fridge, he started the stand-up-please-please-please-beg-dance.


Brian and Jacqui said...

That extended stay hotel has a striking resemblence to your apartment at Turtle Creek :) from that angle. By the way, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Tricia said...

Maybe he wanted what was "in" the fridge, not what was "on" it. But, I don't recommend a time out "in" the fridge to cure "SUPPPBD" or you will end up with a pup-sickle.