Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ward!

So.... Rachel recently had a birthday, and (for close to a week) we celebrated her first birthday as Mrs. Ward. First up: a quick trip to Memphis. We met there last year for her birthday, and I wanted to surprise her with a return visit. I didn't tell her until the night before we left. This is the picture I made and used as the wall paper on the laptop to let her know what we were doing.

We stayed at the Madison again. It is a boutique hotel a couple of blocks up from the Peabody.

I left work a little early on Wednesday for the overnight trip. On Thursday, we only had until early afternoon in Memphis because we had to get back to Arkadelphia for Rachel's softball game that night. We walked around Beale Street, and we enjoyed ourselves. We skipped breakfast and decided to eat an early lunch. Rachel had never been to a Hard Rock Cafe, so we ate there. Now, we never have to eat there again (such a poor excuse for over-priced mediocrity).

After lunch we headed into A. Schwab's for our annual millinery tour.

We stopped by Peabody Place to grab a snack before we left Memphis (fortunately, no Memphis March this year). No, those red blotches aren't Rachel's lipstick on that napkin. They are the remnants of Maggie Moo's most wonderful flavor of ice cream - RED VELVET! Delicious!

That Friday night we had some friends and family over for an informal birthday party. Rachel wanted Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting. Thank you Mark and Lisa for our wonderful monogrammed cake-keeper.

We made a purchase at A. Schwab's, a "birthday hat." We've decided that from now on, during the lighting of the candles and the singing of the happy birthday song, the birthday boy or girl must wear the hat. A tradition is born.

Saturday (July 25th) was actually Rachel's birthday, and we celebrated once more by joining my family in Hot Springs for some time on the lake. We ate at Bella Arti that night (and had another cake). That Sunday, Rachel was able to be a part of a Ward vacation tradition of Steak, Eggs, and Tomatoes for breakfast.

This Summer has been so busy, and we're looking forward to everything slowing down just a little more as we move into Autumn.


buscher3 said...

You're such a sweet husband! I'm sure she had a fantastic time!

Amber said...

You Wodes make me smile.

Love the hat.

But LOVE Bella Arti even more. My most favorite restaurant EVER!

Happy Birthday, Wifey Wode!!