Thursday, June 4, 2009


So.... do three posts on a single day and the following picture make up for my recent lack of blogging?

This is me wearing red crocs (I think they're my mom's) taking my dad's new zero turning-radius lawn mower out for a spin (literally - I was doing do-nuts all up in their yard). I love the name of the manufacturer! To my dad's chagrin (and my mom's delight), the purchase of the mower didn't include a complimentary magazine subscription.

"Eric, see if you can get some ridge detail from that." Please excuse the CSI reference and my sister's finger in the photo.


Joy said...

I will admit to being slightly concerned when I first saw the title of your post in my iGoogle... you know... seeing as how you're getting married in 9 days.

But I'm glad you had fun with the mower =o)

Aaron said...

very funny, Joy

Alison said...

1. Love the crocs. Gave me a good laugh.

2. Is it a bad thing that I can totally see you out in their yard spinning around and around laughing your head off? :-)