Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Toy

So.... it has almost been a month since my last post, but couldn't you just watch that wolf video every day? No? Okay, here's something: I got a new toy.

My trusty, reliable (and very heavy) eMac turned five years old this month. I'm sure that's essentially the technological equivalent of a stegosaurus, but it's worked just fine until recently, when it started slowing waaaaaaay down.

I ordered a sleek new MacBook (only after I asked the Soon-to-be-Mrs. Pursuing Pineapple if it was okay). 

That's actually me working on this post.

I also ordered some extra software - which I totally love. ArtRage Deluxe 2.5 is this neat, inexpensive, simple to use art program with which I've totally spent most of my free time. Check out these pics: the first one is a photo of a Salvador Dali lithograph I have, the second one, I did in about ten minutes with ArtRage (within the first two to three hours of playing with it). I recognize it doesn't have the depth of color or emotion of the litho, but, come on, ten minutes. 

I also got a fancy, cool pen and tablet to use with my new laptop and software. 

It makes me feel like I work at Pixar or Industrial Light and Magic. Of course, taking a second look at that picture I made, I should probably keep my day job.

I've got a couple of fun little posts planned for later this week/weekend; maybe even a contest with a real prize. Thanks for checking in...


Alison said...

Very cool! For some reason, the pen and tablet reminded me of the newest Japanese invention (well, it was new a year ago). It's a computer that is inside a pen. When you turn it on, two lights shine in different light that when up up close to a wall or something becomes your monitor, and the other light shines on the desk and becomes your fully functional computer pad. Too cool...and I'm sure WAY too expensive!

Joy said...

I have to admit... I'm a little jealous...

But *shhh* don't tell my old IBM Thinkpad, I don't want to hurt its feelings and make it stop working!!