Friday, August 1, 2008

9:30 Walgreen's Run (gone awry)

So.... have you ever been sitting at home on a Friday night and realized that you needed something, and Walgreen's is about to close? No, you've never experienced that? Is that because your Walgreen's is open 24 hours? I mean seriously, what's the use in having a Walgreen's if it isn't open 24 hours a day! Come on! Anyway, I needed some diet Coke, so I went to pick up a 12 pack.

That simple run for diet Coke turned into one of the weirdest combinations of impulse purchases that I've made in a while.

Let's see, diet Coke, beef jerky, Ped Egg... What??? Yes, folks, that is a Ped Egg, as seen on TV. Yeah, it's probably for girls, but my feet get calloused, and I have dry skin... Not helping my case, am I? Well, just so you know, it doesn't work quite as miraculously as the commercial claims.

I did get a man-ly can of smoked almonds - they weren't as good as the $10 ones from the hotel honor bar that I had last week.

I then picked two men's magazines, and headed to the back aisle to grab a bag of PoppyCock. I mean really, should the clerk be allowed to sell you sweet, caramelized, pecan-covered popcorn and Men's Health at the same time?

But just think of all the protein I'm getting from the beef jerky and almonds.


Ricky said...

That's amazing.

Rachel Baby said...

Wow, Aaron. :)

Joy would beg to differ. She likes her Ped Egg. Need to go to Sally's and get some callous eliminator! That works.

Papa John said...

You should buy some tiny fish and let them work on your callouses. Apparently that's the newest trend.

Aaron said...

Dude, I heard about that on the radio the other day - that's disgusting!

MJ said...

Maybe the Ped Egg only works on girls. I know at least 5 ladies who use it, and I've never heard one complain.

Maybe you just aren't using it right. haha... maybe we just know what we're doing after many $25+ pedicures! haha

Maybe you should just start getting regular pedis? There are guys that get them...

Ali b said...

I love my PED EGG!!! It is great!!!