Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mardi Gras Mambo

So.... I went to Natchitoches (pronounced Nak-a-tush), Louisiana, this past weekend to visit my folks and to have some Mardi Gras Fun. Their town has a nice little Mardi Gras parade sponsored by The Krewe of Dionysus (a group of hoity-toity's and old money) on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday (0n Sunday my nephew, Tyler, asked, "what's all this Krewe of Dinosaur stuff?).

Everybody lines up along the streets and watches as the parade floats travel through town (I guess that is more of a definition of parades in general, than a description of this particular parade). Anyway, fun was had by all.

My niece Hannah and nephew Tyler were staying with my parents this weekend, so I got to hang out with Tyler at the parade (Hannah was out of town at a softball game).

My Dad backed his pickup onto the street, so we would have a base of operation (just in case we caught so many beads we couldn't carry them all). My mom and dad love parades.

This is my sister Kaitlin and her boyfriend Matt. They really weren't at the parade; I just took a picture of them in front of the laundromat. No, really, they stayed on the truck to catch all the beads that went over our heads.

This is a picture of us at the parade. My mom's coworker Kim and her daughter Abby celebrated Mardi Gras with us. Their boss is a lawyer there in town (and comes from old money) and was on one of the floats. When he saw us, he just started pelting us with beads and throws. It was a little bit dangerous - the people next to us had to pick their kids up and move them away because he was throwing so many beads our way.

Hope you all had a great Mardi Gras - thanks for all the emails and texts wishing me the same.


Rachel Baby said...

Great pictures!

Wow, Aaron, those are alot of beads you have there! ;)

gretchen said...

Did Travis get to enjoy Mardi Gras too? I hear he comes from old money.